After 12 yrs of pain, Kashmiri mother takes to streets for lost son

Posted: May 2, 2012 in Conflict and Peace, Draconian Laws, Human Rights, State Violence, Women Rights
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Tuesday, April 24
For twelve years she has been visiting jails and military camps in Jammu and Kashmir looking for her missing son who was allegedly arrested by the Nepal police, but Zubeida, 65, has failed at every step.

And on Monday she and her relatives gathered at the press enclave in Srinagar in a desperate attempt to make themselves heard by authorities.

Ghulam Muhammad Sofi, a Kashmiri handicraft trader, was allegedly arrested in Kathmandu on August 12, 2000.

“The authorities told us that my son had been arrested in Nepal and later handed over to some unknown intelligence agency,” said Zubeida, a widow, said.

“We started looking for him in different jails and interrogation centres in the country after the news of his arrest reached us after three weeks. But we were not able to trace him. My husband has died of the shock of our son’s disappearance,” she added.

According to her, the family registered a complaint with the state human rights commission on August 24, 2001.

“I called on Mufti Mohammad Sayeed when he was the chief minister. I also urged Omar Abdullah to look into my son’s case when he took over. But nothing has been done to trace my son. Perhaps, nobody understands the pain of a mother,” she alleged.

Zubeida’s family is in handicrafts business for generations and her two sons are still engaged in the business in Nepal, she said.

According to her, there had been a business dispute between her missing son and two other Kashmiris in Nepal before his disappearance.

“I suspect the involvement of those two persons in my son’s disappearance”, the mother alleged. (Kashmir Observer)


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