Srinagar, May 03: Voicing apprehensions that the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Pathribal killings could leave a negative legal and political impact, the High Court Bar Association has said that the apex court had given precedence to emergency laws over the universal and constitutional right to life.

The Bar Association echoed the Amnesty International in describing the ruling as a severe setback for the victims of human rights violations in Kashmir.

“The ruling will give forces immunity and exemption from civil prosecution,” Bar general secretary, GN Shaheen, said at an HCBA meeting held to discuss the supreme court judgement yesterday holding government sanction necessary for action against forces personnel deployed in areas under the AFSPA.

“The forces will use this law for human rights violations and extra-judicial executions,” he said.

“The ruling will give the forces the right and authority to decide whether to have the accused personnel tried in civil courts or in courts martial,” The HCBA said.

“People in Kashmir have a bitter experience over the past twenty years with respect to alleged killings by forces personnel. No one has been punished or tried by court martial. No one has been brought before the people, or the victims informed (in case of punishment of the guilty).

“The ruling will boost human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir, and have a long-lasting impact,” the HCBA added. Observer News Service

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  2. […] SC Has Put Crisis Laws Before Right To Life: Bar #Kashmir […]

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