#Kashmir-Tradition, technology give birth to solar kangri

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A local engineer devises kangri which converts solar energy into thermal energy
Bismah Malik/TNS

Srinagar, January 6

Idrees Beigh, an electrical engineer, has given a solar avatar to the kangri. Unlike the regular kangri that uses charcoal or firewood, he has blended tradition with modernity to create a kangri that converts solar energy into thermal energy.

Kangri is an earthen pot kept in a willow basket and is filled with hot charcoal which can be used for 5 to 6 hours.

Unlike the old willow kangris, Beigh’s solar kangri comes with an inlet battery, inverter circuit and a solar panel as an attachment.

“The solar panel, which is readily available in the market, can be fixed anywhere.

It requires moderate intensity of sunlight which it traps and transfers to the battery inlet of the kangri. The battery then gets charged and by virtue of the attached inverter releases heat. The universal principle of physics converting one form of energy into other has been applied here. However, I cannot furnish all the technical details as the product is yet to get a patent,” Beigh said.

Beigh sees this innovative idea as a breakthrough from the traditional practice of chopping trees. “Our dependence on the exhaustible sources of energy should be reduced. We need to come up with new strategies to put less pressure on our forests. The use of solar energy for many purposes is done on a wider scale in foreign countries. It is time we do the same in India,” he added.

Beigh said the health hazards of carrying burning charcoal in kangri has led to threats such as kangri cancer, which has been proven by medicos, therefore we should devise an alternative method.

He has sought the support of the state government for the necessary financial assistance to set up a manufacturing unit.

“I want the state government to help me produce these kangris on a larger scale. It will also help me make people aware about it and prevent environmental and health hazards,” Beigh said.


  1. idreesbeigh says:

    thank you for sharing my innovation… 🙂

  2. idreesbeigh says:

    thank u for sharing my innovation on your blog…

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