Govt stops aid to Kashmiri migrants, tells them to get #UID #Aadhaar #WTFnews

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Conflict and Peace, Draconian Laws, Human Rights
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Neelam Pandey, Hindustan Times  New Delhi, March 25, 2013
First Published: 00:50 IST(25/3/2013) |
The Delhi government has stopped monthly cash assistance to Kashmiri migrants pending submission of Aadhar Card (Unique Identification number).
According to sources, in a number of districts, cash assistance has not been disbursed for the past three months or more. Kashmiri migrants are entitled to a cash assistance of Rs. 1,650 per person subject to a ceiling of R6,600 per family per month of four or more members. According to Delhi government, this cash assistance is provided to over 3,500 families in the city.
The families have decided to meet the divisional commissioner over this issue.
“Aadhar card has only added to our problems. Our identity is clearly established for more than two decades since exodus in 1990. Then, why does the government time and again invent ways to harass us,” said Ramesh Handoo, a resident of Sarita Vihar who has not got aid so far.
A number of them do not want an identity card which establishes their residence as Delhi.
“We have been told to enrol ourselves and only then we will get the cash assistance. I am a Kashmiri and not a resident of Delhi. If given an option, I will return to the Valley. Why should I get a document which will establish my identity differently. All these years we have been getting the cash assistance, so why should it be linked to UID now? Later, I might be denied the option of going there as my identity gets linked to Delhi,” said Rakesh Kaul, who hasn’t received cash assistance for the past three months.
The scheme was started on April 29, 1990 when the government paid the migrants R125 per month to a person, subject to a ceiling of R500 per family of four or more.
“We had received a few complaints about bogus persons claiming the cash assistance. We decided to link it to UID to keep a check on them. They can simply get themselves enroled and provide the copy of the enrolment,” said Dharam pal, revenue secretary and divisional commissioner, Delhi government.
The Delhi government had recently made Aadhar mandatory for availing various government services, including Annashree Yojana, old-age pension, marriage registration, registration of property and birth and death certificates.


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  2. […] Govt stops aid to Kashmiri migrants, tells them to get #UID #Aadhaar #WTFnews ( […]

  3. […] Govt stops aid to Kashmiri migrants, tells them to get #UID #Aadhaar #WTFnews ( […]

  4. […] Govt stops aid to Kashmiri migrants, tells them to get #UID #Aadhaar #WTFnews ( […]

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