Dear Friends,
Your immediate help is needed in the following case. A petty shawl weaver Adil Ahmad of Khaiwan, Hawal Srinagar has in the past five years attempted suicide 7 times. Adil is a lone brother of four sisters, his father is a grocery hawker and mother spins wheel to help contribute in the family income. They live in a miserable condition ever since Adil incurred a debt of Rs 26 lakh. It actually started when a person bought shawls from him and disappeared without paying him any money. Adil had earlier bought a large amount of Pashmina wool from wholesalers who he had intended to pay after his client paid him the money. It never happened. The client turned out to be a thug and just disappeared from the state. This poor family has cleared some debt by selling all the land they had but they still have to repay some 10 lakh. Since 2008, Adil tried all methods to end his life, sometime he would cut open his left-hand arteries and other times drink pesticides. He has undergone ECT therapy (electric shocks) over a dozen times in Srinagar’s mental disease hospital. Adding to the problem was a recent accident his sister met. She (Roohie) has broken her shoulder bone. On 29th this month she has to reach Amristar where she has to get operated. The operation fee is around 2 lakh and the family has no idea how they will manage the money. I’ve visited the family, spoken to doctors and all and I think the family desperately needs intervention. Last time when Adil attempted suicide was in 2012 but he feels our help can give the family a new lease of life. So if anyone among you wants to help this family monetarily please send in your help at:
16-DIGIT J&K BANK Ltd ACCOUNT: 0249040100020355
Branch Code: CANDLE
NOTE: Whenever you deposit anything, please inform me here as well, so that I should also come to know how much has been contributed and how much is needed more or when to stop actually. Also don’t hesitate to ask me questions on the issue.

Adil can be called on : +91-9797130341 or: +91-9596118343

Please contact Baba Umar  at twitter @BabaUmarr


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