With No Salary For Months, Drug Inspectors Mulling to Get ‘Corrupted’

Posted: May 26, 2015 in healthcare, Human Rights



At a time when various employees are hitting roads in Srinagar demanding regularisation, Jammu & Kashmir Drug Inspector Association (JKDIA) Tuesday said drug inspectors of Kashmir are without salary from 6 months forcing them not only to take “corrupt means” for survival but also prevent them to give their best efforts in implementing drug laws.

“We don’t have money to feed our families,” JKDIA spokesman said. “We are being forced to adopt corrupt means to earn our livelihood.” This is deliberate attempt from higher-ups of the department to pave way for corruption in the department, the spokesman said.

“It’s not first time that we suffering because of non-payment of salary,” the spokesman said. “It has become rule in the department.”

The spokesman said the department has no money to pay for the dealers from whom the samples are lifted. “It has become very difficult to work under such conditions,” the spokesman said. “If the same practice continues we fear that substandard drug business may flourish in the valley.”



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