Kashmiri and sedition

Posted: March 6, 2016 in Conflict and Peace, Draconian Laws, Human Rights, Uncategorized





Politicians come to Kashmir to defend animal rights but not the rights of humans

Nida Qayoom

As my brother was preparing for the Ph.D. admissions in one of the reputed universities in Delhi, I was not comfortable with his idea of studying in Delhi for the obvious reasons.

Every now and then, there is the news about Kashmir or its people being tagged as terrorists or being charged in sedation cases as is presently going on in New Delhi.

Many Kashmiri students are being threatened and harassed just because they are from the Kashmir. India is a democratic country, as they say, where everyone has a right to speech and express his opinions regardless of caste, creed, religion or region but except Kashmiris.

Kashmir and Kashmiris hold a special place in India. It is a place where things are so dire that people can’t even protest against the dogs biting.

Politicians come to Kashmir to defend the animal rights but not the rights of humans.

In one year, more than 500 women die in local hospitals due to negligence in Kashmir, but people are not allowed to protest.  This is a place where all water resources and power houses have been occupied along with some major portions of its richest agricultural land and it is the only place in India where people live under siege. It is the only place in India where more than 50 percent of population comprises of either half widows, widows or orphans. It is a place where people are not living. They are simply dragging themselves through this life.

India is a country where rapists are given severe punishment for dishonoring the innocents but Kashmir is the only place in India where no such thing happens.

Every year, the media houses publishes the news about the Kunan Poshpora victims and their struggles, people writing books and research articles on those rape victims rubbing salt on their wounds which neither society nor the government fed leaders who visit them once to beg for their votes, would let them forget.

Despite knowing who the culprits were, they were let go freely. And if people of Kashmir protest or raise their voices against the atrocities, they are tagged as terrorists.

Where ever they go, they are looked at with suspicious eyes because they are Kashmiris. It has become insecure and difficult for the people to go outside Kashmir especially to New Delhi as they never know when they will be arrested for the charges unknown to them.

As I was reading the news about what is happening in New Delhi with the Kashmiris being forced to vacate from their apartments and hostels, students going back to Kashmir and police harassing them and enquiring about them every now and then, a thought came to my mind.

The programme held in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in favour of Afzal Guru was organised by non-Kashmiri students and when there was no involvement of any Kashmiri student why still Kashmiris were threatened and harassed, even though it was a peaceful cultural programme.

No stones were pelted nor slogans were raised but still they were arrested on sedition charges and they say that everyone has a right to speech in India.

Despite all this, if being a Kashmiri and suffering silently or asking for our own rights as humans, if being betrayed on a number of fronts and nowhere to turn, is an act of terrorism, then yes, I proudly say that I am a Kashmiri and I am a terrorist!



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