#FreeHandwaraGirl -State Women Commission asks police to withdraw security for Handwara girl

Posted: April 29, 2016 in Conflict and Peace, Draconian Laws, Human Rights, Right to Dissent, Violence against Women, Women Rights


Handwara Girl committed to reveal everything: Nayeema

Sumaiya Yousuf

Srinagar, April 28:The State Women’s Commission (SWC) Thursday asked police to remove protection for the Handwara girl who is at the centre of controversy that led to killing of five civilians in Kupwara district earlier this month.

The girl and her family had earlier sought the intervention of J&K SWC for her release from police detention along with her father.

The girl has maintained before Chairperson SWC Nayeema Mehjoor that as soon as she is freed from police detention, she will be able to tell what had happened.

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“She sought our intervention to get the police protection removed and said she will tell us everything after that,” Mehjoor said.

On removal of police protection, Mehjoor said after receiving application from family, she has written to JK police to remove the security of girl and her family.

“After getting assurance from the girl and her family that they are safe and do not face any threat, I wrote to police to remove all the surveillance for her. We shall wait for police response,” she added.

The girl and her family have assured Mehjoor that they feel safe in Handwara their home town and do not want police protection anymore.

Mehjoor told Rising Kashmir that the family had earlier sought assistance before Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) and now they (family) will withdraw the appeal.

The girl earlier wrote to Mehjoor twice.

Mehjoor informed that SWC is ready to help the family to shift anywhere if it wished. “SWC is committed to rehabilitate the girl and help her to come out of mental trauma.  The girl’s education will also be taken care of, if she is willing,” Mehjoor added.



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