TO BE ABSOLVED OF TERROR CHARGES – Kashmiri Youth in Jaipur Jail likely to Walk Free Soon 

Posted: May 17, 2016 in Draconian Laws, Human Rights
New Delhi:
It appears due to non-payment of dues he was wrongly framed: NIA probe
A Kashmiri youth behind bars for over six months in Jaipur may soon walk free as the National Investigation Agency (NIA) is all set to absolving him of terror charges. The man identified as Syed Abid Jalali was arrested by Jaipur police last year on the complaint of a Jaipur-based businessman.
The case landed with the NIA after it was alleged that Jalali was associated with the banned terror outfit Hizbul Mujahideen (HM), said officials.

According to the NIA officials, Jalali engaged in business of jewellery in the Valley and had business links with complainant Satya Prakash Arya. Arya, according to investigators, approached the court after his complaint was initially dismissed as a business dispute. On court orders, the state police registered an FIR and arrested Jalali.

Jalali was accused of taking away ornaments worth `2.60 lakh from the Jaipur-based businessman for approval in October 2013, the police said. “Neither has he returned the ornaments nor did he pay the money to Arya. During his questioning, it was also revealed that he has procured jewellery from other traders in different parts of the country on credit,“ said a senior official.

The investigations by NIA has so far revealed that Jalali had business relations with Arya and it “appears“ that due to non-payment of dues he was wrongly framed.


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