#Day84: Burning of Harvest, Damages to Orchards, Killings of Horses are War Crimes, says KCSDS

Posted: October 18, 2016 in Conflict and Peace, Draconian Laws, Human Rights, State Violence

A nomad lady breaks down on the dead body of one of the horses killed by army casper in the intervening night of 24 and 25 Sep. (KL Image: Shah Hilal)

Kashmir Civil Society for Developmental Studies (KCSDS)  on Friday condemned the  forces’ barbarity let loose against people, animals and the agricultural and horticulture products.

“People have tendered with their sweat and blood and is the only resource for their sustenance be they Bakarwals whose thirteen horses have been trampled over allegedly by army vehicles as per reports or the standing paddy fields and haystacks collected with  intense hard work that have been set on fire  or the packets of apples delicately assembled and patterned by deft hands to earn their livelihood that have been trampled over in Karimabad by army trucks to break peoples’ will and resistance against the authoritarian state,” KCSDS said in a statement issued this evening.

“These are unprecedented war crimes committed by those who claim these as their own people. Yet the worst came yesterday when all the volunteers have been arrested and their ambulances seized and stalls have been forcibly closed down who stood like a rock these three months of bloodbath and horrors of pellets and bullets in terms of blindings and firearm injuries when government had completely disappeared from the scene,” the civil society group said.

“The crimes are such that have exceeded all savageries. The poor Bakarwals and those whose produce has been destroyed have been devastated. The volunteers who have rendered enormous service to the injured and the blinded, human rights activists and employees must be released without any delay and allowed to serve. The ambulances should be returned immediately. Such tactics only compound hatred and fury and do not break anybody’s will,” the KCSDS maintained. http://www.kashmirlife.net/day84-burning-of-harvest-damages-to-orchards-killings-of-horses-are-war-crimes-says-kcsds-119344/




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