Kashmir- ‘Army used my sons as human shields’

Posted: May 20, 2019 in Conflict and Peace, Draconian Laws, Human Rights, State Violence

Police Deny Claim Of Slain Civilian’s Dad


The father of the civilian killed during an encounter late Thursday night in Pulwama district has accused security forces of “using his sons as human shields”. Brothers Rayees and Younis Ahmed Dar were dragged out of their house late Thursday night (May 16) by security forces as the family prepared for ‘sehri’ at about 2.30am, Jalaluddin Dar said.

He said armymen used his sons to flush out militants holed up in a neighbouring house that belonged to Ghulam Hassan Dar. “My wife, my daughter-in-law and I… we tried to resist but the soldiers took me out of the home as well,” the 67-year-old said.

“I told them I’ll come with you, let my sons go, but they took me as well. They took my sons in different directions. I was taken in another. They ordered my sons to ask our neighbours to come out of their houses,” Jalaluddin recalled.

Younis, who was also hurt, said, “No sooner had Rayees knocked on the door of the house next to ours, another man, masked, told Rayees and me to go to the house of Ghulam Hassan Dar, which is the third house from ours. I was a little distance away. The moment Rayees knocked on Ghulam Hassan’s door and asked them to come out, lights in the house went out. Gunshots were heard from inside. This perhaps killed the soldier from the search party. In the exchange of fire, my brother was killed, I took a bullet on the thigh.”

In Thursday’s encounter, security forces killed two Jaish terrorists at Dalipora village in south Kashmir’s Pulwama. A police officer had initially said three soldiers and two civilians, brothers Younis and Rayees Ahmad Dar, were injured. But Rayees died at the encounter site, and his brother Younis was taken to a nearby hospital from where he was referred to a Srinagar hospital, the officer said. All three terrorists were killed. Jalaluddin added: “The soldiers ordered me to lift an armyman who I carried on my back till some 200 yards away from the site though it was still dangerous.”

J&K police have denied the family’s claim. “As police and security forces were evacuating civilians from the neighbourhood around the target house, the hiding militants fired indiscriminately. One Army jawan, Sepoy Sandeep, was killed and one civilian Rayees Dar also lost his life,” a police statement said.

Rayees Dar (26, in pic) was killed in the Pulwama encounter on Thursday. His brother Younis took a bullet on the thigh

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