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Brahminical Conscience
Don’t call it, OUR Collective!
The hanging of Afzal Guru on 9th February 2013 has sparked of a serious debate on Capital Punishment and the use of it for achieving political objectives. We witnessed the Left, the Right and the Centre taking the same stand, offering neither resistance nor criticism, while describing hanging as the “Law of the Land.”

We categorically condemn the hanging of Afzal Guru as well as the idea of capital punishment. This legalized, revengeful and cruel murder of a human being has (and is) a danger of being used for achieving mere political stunts to satisfy the majoritarian wishes. The same has happened with Afzal Guru, who was not given a fair trial and was hanged to satisfy the common conscience of the people – as noted and discussed by many legal experts and public intellectuals.

It is not the common conscience per se but the Hindu Brahminical Conscience which was generated through the vicious campaign of RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal supported by the Left, Right and Centre. The Supreme Court itself has set aside that the confession made by him in police interrogation is a result of torture.

If we take a close look at the cases of those being acquitted and convicted; we can find that Marginalized sections were always imposed with the extreme form of punishment (Death Sentence) while the remaining are commuted to Life Imprisonment (Majority are acquitted) . The classic example is Brahmeshwar Mukhiya (A Bhumiahar), the founder chief of Ranvir Sena in Bihar, was involved in the murder and slaughter of nearly 250 Dalits in Bihar was acquitted while five Dalits who were involved in the attack on dominant caste landlords were convicted to death sentence.

The Savarna Liberation Army’s “mass rape” campaign, conducted between March and July 1992 in Gaya and Jehanabad districts, was one of the most heinous. More than 200 Dalit women between the ages of six and 70 were raped by a group of activists of the Savarna Liberation Army. What would this be called? A quench for whose blood by whom? The examples are many and they never end. Why was there inaction on these perpetrators of violence? Would your conscience ever think!

The question is “Why did you hang Afzal?” The voices of the suppressed are building up. We are against this principle of injustice. We voice the slogan “When Injustice
becomes a law, Resistance becomes our Duty”. We raise our voices along with Irom Sharmila Chanu and Kashmiri brothers and sisters. We question the autocratic
suppression by the Hindu Brahminical State on the people from Kashmir and North-Eastern India.

These are questions but from OUR conscience which is emphatically different from yours – Manuvadi Hindu Brahmanical Conscience of the State.

ASA (Ambedkar Student Association) University of Hyderabad